Social Security Planning for Maximum Benefits Post Retirement

The advantages of IRS approved tax-free retirement strategy are not known to many people and therefore are not able to put their social security planning strategies in the right way. This tax-free retirement strategy is used by many large corporations, millionaires, politicians and many other wealthy people. "How to maximize my Social Security benefits?” should be the first question that should come into the mind while planning finances. The use of social security maximization software will let a person know the optimal age to apply for benefits and the strategies that are to be used for filing. The personalized report that would be generated would ensure that the person does not lose out on the well-deserved benefits that he should get.

maximizing social security benefits

There are financial professionals or social security representatives who use their vast knowledge of financial products, social security benefits and the tax code. The professionals are also equipped with the most advanced retirement planning software with the help of which the people can start creating social security retirement strategies. A person can potentially increase his or her social benefits by hundreds of thousands of dollars if the planning is proper. The social security representatives are not allowed to advise any person on the best claiming strategies. It is important to choose the right benefits at the right time. This will be one of the biggest financial decisions one will ever make. There are more than five hundred ways of claiming social security. It is important to understand the right way to maximize the benefits for you and your spouse. Many people make mistakes due to lack of adequate knowledge or lack of proper planning. These mistakes result in a person losing out about 76% of benefits. In other words, a wrong decision can result in an approximate amount of $250,000 being with the government. A correct decision means an additional amount of tens of thousands of dollars in retirement.

social security retirement benefits

It is very important for the people to understand the social security benefits as there is no other type of income stream for the people who retire. This is completely backed by the government of the US and there is also a pay raise every year. There are also spousal and survivor benefits. The retired people are also provided protection against market downturns, interest rate declines, inflations and longevity risk. Proper planning would help you claim 75% of your benefit at the age of 62, 100% of your benefit at the age of 66 and 132% of your benefit at 70.